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Why I created Zest Photography

‘Every person has greatness inside of them… it’s our job to magnify it’.

I created Zest Photography because I wanted to create truly meaningful, artistic images for people to have on display in their homes to make them feel great about themselves every day. I also wanted to have a place where photographers can express their individual, artistic and creative talent to interpret the meaning of our customers’ lives through different photographic styles.

We inspire people by showing them the greatness, strength and love within themselves and for others through a powerful, creative photography experience. Creating art for life is our mission, inspiring those we photograph to see their Zest; their worth, their strength, their beauty, their love. We create an uplifting experience where people discover their gifts in life.

Every person I have met had something unique and special about them, and most of the time they didn’t even know it yet. After photographing thousands of people, I witnessed what the power of a photography experience can do for a person’s soul, if done at the highest level.

Capturing great images of a person is not about just the photography – that’s the easy part. The key is understanding the way a person wants to feel about themselves and how they would like to see themselves.

And with that ethos, Zest Photography was born. A Photography Studio that starts with curiosity - discovering who a person is, what makes them unique and what love they share in their lives. A Photography studio that creates art that reflects your life, and art that will last a lifetime and beyond. Our mission is that when someone sees a Zest image of themselves or of their relationship, they instantly feel empowered by seeing their strength and love creating massive self-worth. This changes the way they feel about who they are and what they have in their life.


“Creating art for life is our mission,
inspiring those we photograph to see their Zest;
their worth, their strength, their beauty, their love.”


Our team

Gary Profile_WEB.jpg

Gary Levy

Studio Owner & AIPP Master Photographer

I’m Gary - owner of Zest Photography, professional photographer and lover of people.

Over the many years of photographing thousands of people, I realised that it wasn’t just photography I was passionate about, it was the people! People’s lives, people’s stories, people’s beliefs, people’s desires, and people’s passions in life.

Throughout my 20 years in the photography industry, my purpose has evolved from making people look good to inspiring them to feel great. I realised that the way to make people look great on the outside is by helping them to feel good about what’s inside. By connecting with people on a deeper level, I realised I had a gift of listening to people’s stories and I was able to show them insightful images of themselves in a way they had never seen before. 

Family is such an important part of my life. I love being a husband to Elisha, and Dad to Oliver and Indiana; they bring endless joy and remind me how quickly time passes by and how important it is to cherish each precious moment.  

Born in Manchester, England I moved to Australia in 1989 and after my Australian journey began in Adelaide we moved to Western Australia and Perth has been my home since 1993.  

I feel blessed to live in this incredible country and have the freedom to live on our terms, enjoying Perth’s iconic lifestyle.

When I’m not with my family and friends or at the Zest studio, I’m usually listening to an audiobook or participating in a workshop on personal development, health or relationships. I am currently on track to become a Master NLP Practitioner so that I can bring these skills together with photography to enhance the experience we create for people.

If you’re keen to chat, call me directly on 0412 708 151.

Master of Photography | The Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP)
2006 | WA Portrait Photographer of the Year

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Jessica Profile_WEB.jpg

Jessica Truscott


I’m Jessica, Zest Photographer and lover of stories.

One of my favourite things about photographing people is how it enables me to capture and create beautiful stories about their lives. I am inspired by the Victorian Romantic painters, Disney and Ancient Mythology, and I love to create images that have a feminine, magical and glamorous feel to them. In my spare time I am a compulsive reader and am extremely passionate about creating artistic self-portraits that now grace the cover of many novels worldwide.

I understand how it feels to be on both sides of the lens, and my goal is to make sure everyone is having a lot of fun and feeling very beautiful. I’ve found the secret to taking a great portrait stems from not being afraid to ask the deeper questions and lending a compassionate listening ear. When a person is feeling great their soul shines and I love that moment when a person sees a photograph I have taken, and it helps them to feel amazing about themselves.

As a child and teenager, my family moved around due to being in the Army. Adapting to my surroundings, making new friends and changing school and homes was a challenge for me; but one that taught me so many lessons about people and how we function as individuals and in challenging surrounds. My constant was creating beautiful art and remains so today.

I’m a creative and school for me was filled with time at the art room, painting and desires of becoming an illustrator for children’s books. Outside my passion for photography and fantasy fiction, I love puzzles, cosplay, coffee, pyjamas and dogs!

Master of Photography | The Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP)
2013 |
Western Australian Family Photographer of the Year
2018 |
Western Australian Family Photographer of the Year

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Adriana Profile_WEB.jpg

Adriana Catalano


I’m Adriana, Zest Creative Designer, Photographer and lover of all things creative.

I have been in the photography industry for 15 years and have photographed thousands of people. I love to capture the connections between people, their families and make great connections with everyone I meet.

There are so many reasons why I love being a photographer, the main one is I love how much meaning a single image can hold to someone and how seeing that image again can bring them back to a time and place. The feelings and emotions you feel are as real as the day you felt them.

I am inspired by old Black & white 1920’s movies with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Ginger Rogers… I just love the contrast shown between the strength of their character, the fragility they are portrayed with onscreen and how beautiful and glamourous they are.

My work and home life are very much light and day. At work I am high energy and engaging, while in my spare time I like nothing more than to kick back in my pj’s with my little girl watching cartoons.

My daughter Kira has been a constant inspiration to my life and my photography.

Having a little girl drives me to strive to be a great role model for her and to show her passion for life. I often tell her “Find out what you love, chase your dreams because you can have it all! Follow your dreams and dream big!”

I am a believer of what you put out to the universe you will receive, and I try to live by this every day.

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Lei Profile_WEB.jpg

Lei Brockie


Hi, I’m Lei and I love creating incredible opportunities for the people I speak to over the phone. I have always lived my life by giving and I truly believe that by giving you receive in return.

My passion is Family! I live and breathe for them and am so very lucky and humbled to have a husband who is my soulmate, five beautiful and strong children plus have been blessed with ten gorgeous grandchildren.

Pets and animals are another passion of mine having worked as a vet nurse at Vet clinics in New Zealand, so the emotional connection to so many of my beloved pets is close to my heart. After leaving veterinary care I moved into the mature-aged health industry helping people to have a pain free and happy life and after many years doing this found myself ready for a change and then I found Photography.

Having not come from the industry, I joined Gary’s team 4 years ago, knowing that I just wanted to help people in some way and I could see that photography would be able to capture memories and moments in time for my clients, little did I know the empowering impact it was going to have on people.

Within a few weeks of being in the studio, I organised a photoshoot with my family. Having a massive New Zealand family I knew we were in for a crazy and loud experience. When we saw the photos, the feelings for me was so powerful and empowering to say the least and made me feel so proud of each and everyone of my family. Today, I look up at my family being together on my living room wall and this makes me feel strong and now, I want this for all the people I speak to.

What I have now learnt over the years is that a portrait session isn’t just about getting photos, its about showing people their confidence and strength, to love themselves and the way they look.