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The Zest Experience

Discover, Capture, Create

Capturing your Zest for life is a process, one that begins with our initial phone consultation - this is our Discovery Call.  

Our team are focused on asking the right questions to really get to know you; unlocking your purpose and understanding the relationships you have with your loved ones, so that we can truly represent your strength and love. Your Zest experience will be insightful, inspiring, uplifting, dynamic and empowering.

It’s not about sitting and putting on a fake smile for the camera, it’s much more meaningful… read on to find out how!



How does it work?


Your Zest discovery call // We discover the meaning

To understand a person’s meaning, purpose, passions, strengths, personality, relationships and Zest for life - we first need to discover it.

You might have a really clear idea of these things for yourself, but don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have a particular purpose in life or driving force behind you – for some people it’s front and centre and for others it’s a subtler ember glowing inside.

 We know the right questions to ask so we can create photographic art that makes you feel amazing every time you see it. What’s important to you? Who’s important to you? What do the people in your life mean to you? What makes you feel most alive? What do you choose to do when you have a few hours to do whatever you want?

We also want to discover the right aesthetic for your photo shoot, and the Zest discovery call gives you the opportunity to explore and discuss options for clothing, hair makeup, colours and photography styles.

If you are bringing along a special person or people, we will also spend time discovering their personalities and the essence and dynamics of each relationship.

All these questions help us create a vision for your photography session and final product, so we can bring the very best out in you and capture a much deeper meaning within our images that you will absolutely cherish for a lifetime.



YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE // We capture the meaning

Your Zest Photography Experience has already begun by the time you walk into our bright, modern and inspiring studio.

You will be greeted by our delightful and professional team and offered a selection of refreshments. As Australian Master and award winning photographers, Gary, Jessica and Adriana have photographed more than 3000 portraits between them, so you are in very capable hands.

In the studio, we will guide you through your personalised 1.5 hour photoshoot, capturing a range of different looks from elegant and classic to artistic, modern and candid - in line with the vision created in your discovery session.

This vision is limited only by your imagination and you are very welcome to bring in any clothing, accessories or props that reflect your passions. Love to play music? Bring in your instrument! Love sport? Bring some equipment! Art? Reading? Cooking? You get the idea…

While you’re in the studio, you can relax and have fun knowing that the very best version of yourself is already there and it’s our job to capture it.



ART FOR YOUR HOME // We create art for life

Whilst your Zest is being artfully captured in the studio, each image is individually edited and prepared before being presented to you in our cinematic viewing room. This is where you will see your love, strength and beauty magnified and captured in beautiful photographic art. You will see black & white and warm tones featured through your images, enhancing skin tones and the mood within the images.

After choosing your favourite images, we will work with you to create stunning designs that will compliment your home décor and lifestyle. We specialise in creating stunning wall art pieces presented in an exclusive range of acrylic, canvas and alumalux products.

As part of the production process, each image is individually retouched at the highest level of digital artistry. In this final stage of the Zest Experience, we create your bespoke work of art, ready to be proudly displayed and enjoyed in your home for life.